Mimi ni mwalimu. [I am a teacher.]

My time here in Tanzania has been breif, but is a time that will stay with me forever. I have learned so much about the history, the animals, the land, and the government of Tanzania. I have also learned a lot about their education system. Although it is a very different system than ours in the U.S., they make it work for them. Even better than that, they are working towards improving their education and have changed for the better in the past decade.

Although I have learned so much about these topics, the thing that will really stick with me is the people. Learning about the people of this country has been my favorite part of this trip. Almost everyone you meet in Tanzania are polite. They are also happy people, which is surprising when you see how little some people have. Tanzanians are very social beings, and they measure their wealth in how many friends and family they have. This means you end up with many friends, even in a short period of time.

My favorite aspect of Tanzania is that it is a place for learning. The people here are so eager to learn. Even the children want to be in school. Even better, Tanzanians are eager to teach. They will tell you everything they can about themselves and their country. They will also spend a lot of time discussing philosophical concepts with you, if you are interested.

Although Tanzania is a fantastic place to learn practical information or information you can pass on to others, it is even better at teaching you something else. Tanzania has bee the first place in a long time that taught me about myself. I have made some personal realizations that I could not have made without this trip and Tanzania. It is a place that has changed me forever and is officially a part of who I am.

~ by darbyshp on May 23, 2012.

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  1. You are a millionaire in family wealth!

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