Flower Child


Well I’m the hippie of the group, so one thing I’ll never forget is the beauty of Tanzania. I’m surprised I haven’t twisted an ankle in all the potholes with how I walk around with my head in the sky, looking around at the gorgeous trees and birds. Even in the city, I always have something to admire. Gaining a greater appreciation for the natural beauty in our world is something I will never forget about Tanzania.

My biggest lasting impression and transformation from Tanzania is an inner peace with the differences between cultures. I no longer see differences and judge. Tanzania has shown me that great things come out of people living in different ways. I don’t hate myself for how I live back home. I don’t feel the need to drop everything and move here to save the world. People here are happy living the way they do. It is not my job to “fix” them. Just like anywhere in the world, there are good people, and there are also a few bad ones. But Tanzania is a proud and welcoming country. Hopefully, I’ll come in contact with other places around the world who will help further instill this open-mindedness to other cultures I have come to gain during my time here.

Allyn G.