Taking Tanzania With Me

My lasting impression of Kelly in Tanzania will be one of growth and adventure. My lasting impression of the Tanzanians with me here is one of hospitality and patience. There are so many memories and opportunities that I will remember, and together, they create an experience that is guaranteed to change me forever. I am excited to have new perspective on people, education and happiness. As an educator, I cannot wait to get my own classroom. This month has been my first experience teaching solo and I am now more sure than ever that I want to spend my life teaching students.

I have learned more than I could have ever imagined. I have a new confidence in my ability to relate to students and I am much more aware of how difficult teaching is. From the safari to the lesson planning and the hiking to the grading papers, I have learned so many life lessons. I like adventure (adventure comes in the form of hiking and camping but also teaching and controlling a classroom of first graders). I love to serve, whether through playing at an orphanage or donating school supplies. The funny thing about serving is that I seem to always gain more than I give. Another lesson I learned about myself is that I love to learn. My favorite type of learning is through traveling and experiencing the world.

Tanzanians welcome people into their country and lives with open arms. My students almost pulled my arms out of their sockets on many occasions because they were so excited to tug at my arm for attention. A fellow teacher at my host school made me late to class multiple class periods because he wanted to make sure that I was okay and having a good experience in Tanzania. Our safari drivers are so wonderful that I might cry when I say bye to them. No matter whom I met or what the experience was, I hardly ever felt unwelcome here in Tanzania. The people here have made my experience and now I want to share that kindness with people I come in contact with in the US. A kind smile can make a world of difference in a person’s day, and the smiles of the Tanzanians made the difference in my experience abroad.


– Kelly H.


~ by kellyheins on May 22, 2012.

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