My time in Tanz…

My time in Tanzania has taught me so many things about life, teaching, and culture. I am so grateful that I was able to have this experience and I know I will cherish every moment I have spent here for the rest of my life. To start, I think the experiences I have gained from interacting with my students and teaching them have left the biggest impression on me. I have grown to love each and every student and I have learned so much about each of their personalities and talents. This has been the most rewarding part of my trip to come into a classroom in a foreign country and still be able to create connections with the students in the class. I will also take the many lessons I have learned from teaching and implementing behavior management strategies with me. This being the first time I have been able to completely take over a class and lesson plans, I have learned so much from trial and error and I already feel much more prepared for my student teaching.

Some other things that I have made lasting impressions on me have been the social interactions I have gotten to experience while living here in. I absolutely love how friendly everyone is here just when passing on the street. I found it to be so refreshing to be greeted by complete strangers here; it is definitely a change of pace from America. I also have learned so much from the teachers I have had conversations with.

Lastly, learning about and experiencing life in another person’s shoes has taught me so much about other cultures and their way of life here in Tanzania. It truly has been an eye opening experience that I will never forget. I especially enjoyed learning about harvesting coffee beans and the local medicine plants that are used for treatment in some of the tribes. When returning home I will definitely not take some of my everyday routines such as instant coffee and manufactured medicines for granted. Overall, I believe this experience has changed me forever and has helped me grow professionally and personally.

~ by ashleyarcher on May 22, 2012.

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