Lasting Impressions of Tanzania

My time in Tanzania has flown by and I am amazed at how memorable every day has been here. There are so many things that I have learned throughout the past three weeks and I know that this last week will allow me to add even more memories to this incredible experience! I will forever remember Tanzania as the most beautiful place in the world filled with some of the best and caring people that I have ever met. Everyone seems to genuinely care about how you are doing and they take an interest in getting to know you and share about their culture and their country. This has allowed me to learn so much and it has given me a chance to really experience a different lifestyle from my own. It is so crazy to think about how ignorant I was to different cultures and different ways of living, but I think that after this experience I have learned to open my mind to new ways of doing things and have learned what is truly important in my life.
In addition to this, I will never forget the memories that I have made at Assumption school. I will always remember how the kids stood up and greet me before a lesson and complimented me on my lesson at the end. Also, I could never forget how the kids lined up outside during break time to receive stickers or crowded around me to get a grab at my “muzungu” hair. In just three weeks, I did not think it was possible to develop some of the bonds that I have made with my students and it makes me so sad to think that in just two days I will have to say my goodbyes. Several of my students have even asked, “Teacher, when will you come back?” and it just breaks my heart to tell them that I am unsure and that I hope I get the opportunity to return. The memories and lessons that I will apply to my future teaching career will be ones that I can cherish forever and I will make sure to keep in contact with the entire faculty at Assumption.
Lastly, I will never forget all of the things that I have learned about different cultures from our weekend trips. It was so interesting to see different people’s way of living. I enjoyed learning how to make honey, coffee, and cheese from the women of Mulala Village, interesting facts from Simon in the Maasai tribe, and of course learning everything we could have ever wanted to know about Tanzania from our wonderful safari drivers. I think this trip would have been completely different if I hadn’t met some of these amazing people who shared so much knowledge about the country of Tanzania with us. I am so blessed that I got to meet so many wonderful people and have a trip of a lifetime in Tanzania!

-Chelsea I.

~ by Chelsea on May 22, 2012.

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