What a weekend…

I can’t say that it went smoothly, though. For the most part, everyone made it up the mountain and enjoyed their time in the Massai village. I, on the other hand, made it only 20 minutes into the hike before puking. I was anticipating that it would happen because I had felt fairly sick all morning but I had been feeling sick every morning for the past couple of weeks after taking my malaria medication. I thought this was just a typical morning, but after the car ride it only got worse. We were walking into one of the small boma huts of a Massai family and I had to run out to avoid making a mess in their home. The guide and one of the Massai women helped me up the hill to meet one of the safari drivers to take me back to the campsite. The woman slung my arm over her shoulder helping me the whole way and saying a prayer with her hand on my stomach. As the day progressed, I felt worse and eventually drove back to the Outpost Lodge with the driver and met our professor. I was extremely exhausted and fell right to sleep and continued to sleep for most of today. This evening I started feeling a bit better and hopefully will be back to normal by tomorrow or the next day. So, unfortunately, I have no amazing stories and wonderful experiences to share from the weekend but Zanzibar should bring many beautiful photos next weekend!

– Lauren C.

~ by laurencrutchfield on May 20, 2012.

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