Monduli Village

This weekend was an interesting one for myself. I started the hike in Monduli, but didn’t end up finishing it with the group to help Lauren back to camp. The poor girl was miserably sick (no exaggeration). I was not feeling the best myself, so I was more than happy to help her back to camp. It was powerful though because we were by some of the Maasai boma’s and the women and children helped walked Lauren to the road. It was powerful to see all their support and willingness to care so much for her. Once we made it to the car, the woman prayed over Lauren before we drove off. Again, this was a powerful moment for me because it is such a difference in culture. However, I love learning about their ways of life and they truly believe in all their prayers and natural remedies, which is really intriguing to me. I am all about natural remedies and living from the Earth. Lauren was a real trooper through the whole process and despite her suffering, I did see how truly genuine the Maasai are to anyone even if you are not apart of their culture.

I was able to go to the Maasai market with the group before leaving for the outpost. I really enjoyed it because this is how they buy and sell items. They all come together to buy goods, clothes, food, etc, in order to provide for their families. It isn’t the typical shopping market we were all use to seeing, but I think that is good. This was a more authentic experience because this is how they buy goods and items for their families. It was a bit unwelcoming because the kids were trying to steal our things and the Maasai were just staring at us. Besides that aspect, this is their way and life and it was interesting to watch what people were buying and how they interacted.


-Courtney Copus

~ by Courtney Kay on May 20, 2012.

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