why walk when you can dance with bananas on your head

The drive into Arusha National Park was the low point of the weekend. As we were pulling in rain hit our windshield. Instead of thinking about the adventures that awaited us in the park I though about the over night camping trip that was to come latter in the day. That was the first time I threw Hakuna Matata out the window, as the rain continued my excitement of walking in the parks of Arusha faded into worry of wet shoes and the night to come. While we were driving I was thinking about the agony of the rain and how bad I want to go back. But after a while I realized rain is not the end of the world, I am here experiencing a new world. Why worry about something so small when I’m looking at something so big. After that I threw the complants of rain out the window and thought to myself I’ll have time for that when I get home, not here.

The walk was unreal. From the mountain to the waterfall I was amazed to see what can be created just from nature.

Getting to Mama Anna’s was awesome in it’s own way. I had no idea how much one can live off the land. I was cool to see how the things we think we need we really dont! I was so captivated by how welcoming everyone was. They just opened their house up for us to come and experience what they do. My favorite part was the fire and sitting all together. It just showed me how far we have came with the culture. Overall, I don’t feel ready to leave.

~ by samanthawint on May 16, 2012.

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