Two steps forward, ten steps back

This trip has opened my eyes to tons of new behaviors, and ways of life that I have not experienced before. I learned that the saying “you take two steps forward but then ten steps backward” has proved true. The beginning of my week started out good and I was excited about the relationships and classroom management I had established in my classroom but as the week approached Friday I soon learned that I did not have as much control as I thought. By Friday my classroom management was not working and I had a really difficult time teaching my students. After taking a deep breath I re-grouped and made it through one of the most frustrating and exhausting two hours of my life. Looking back now I have learned that no matter how much progress you think you have made it is still possible to have a bad day. I have also learned the importance of being resilient and determined as a teacher to let one bad day go and prepare to get right back in there and do a great job the next day. I have also learned a lot about other ways of life from our weekend at Mama Anna’s house. I loved learning about the various plants and foods the family uses as medicine. I also enjoyed opening up a stingless bee hive and collecting the honey from it. We ate it straight from the hive! In addition we were able to learn about the process of making coffee and doing it ourselves. We were able to crush, sift, roast, grind, and boil the coffee beans until the coffee was ready to drink. I not only got to learn and practice doing all of this but we also got to join the women in the songs they sing while they work. Overall I thought it was an unforgettable experience that really helped me get a chance to experience a lifestyle that is completely different from my own. Ashley Archer

~ by ashleyarcher on May 14, 2012.

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