Coffee Break!

I learned so many things this weekend trip to the Mulala Village with Mamma Anna, but my favorite thing I learned was how to make coffee. First I was surprised to learn that when the coffee beans are ripe and ready to pick they are red and look like berries. I have seen the plants many times during this trip, but never realized they were coffee plants. During my stay with Mamma Anna she went through the many steps it takes to begin brewing. The first step in the process, which we weren’t able to do, is to peal the beans from their red skin and put them through a grinder to remove the slimy skin and then let them ferment. When we began making our coffee we crushed the already dried beans in a bowl made out of a wood log using a stick as a mudler. This was done with rhythm while singing and dancing. It was so great to see Mamma Anna’s and the other lady’s great spirit during this. This process was done to remove another layer of skin from the coffee beans. I then was able to use a weaved pan to sift the outer shell away from the beans. A pan was then placed on fire and we roasted the coffee beans until they turned black. I learned quickly that you have to move the beans around fast so they don’t burn. We then crushed up the beans, using the same process to remove the second layer of skin, to ground up the coffee. It was sifted through another strainer to make sure the beans were grounded up enough. I never realized how hard it was to make coffee. When I was grounding up the coffee I definitely broke a sweat and couldn’t imagine having to ground up the entire batch myself. We bowled water over the fire and added about four to five tablespoons of the grounded coffee. After letting it bowl for a little bit the coffee was strained into a pot and then finally poured into a coffee cup. It was amazing all the steps it took to make coffee. It really makes me wonder who came across the plant with red coffee beans and found out if you follow these many steps you’ll end up with an amazing cup of brewed coffee. I will never think of coffee the same again and will most likely never have such a fresh delicious cup of coffee again.

~ by nickistravels on May 13, 2012.

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