Serengeti Sunrise

Safari weekend was simply amazing. Words truly cannot describe the weekend. I even can’t explain through the pictures I took. I am going to explain my best of my overall experience, but there is nothing like truly experiencing the Serengeti and Ngorgoro Crater. The Seregenti was a new experience because I didn’t truly understand when the driver told me it was a plain of flat land. Literally, it went on forever and ever. We were out in the middle of nowhere driving on the dirt roads searching for all the animals. It was quite an experience to see the animals in their natural habitats. I am thinking going to a zoo will not be the same anymore. The animals are so wild and free here in the Serengeti and are able to sit all day and snack on grass and hunt other animals. The Serengeti was amazing, but nothing beat the Ngorogro Crater. I loved going into the Crater driving around to look at all the animals and view the beautiful landscape. The view in the Serengeti and Crater were gorgeous. I couldn’t get over the clouds in the sky along with the plains and mountains in the distance. One thing that I will always remember is my elephant story. Colleen and I decided to walk up the rocks to overlook the Serengeti to take pictures. Well, we got up near the top and she made a remark and I looked to the left and there was an elephant. Standing 20-25ft away was an elephant eating in the tree. I decided we should get closer and we were within 10ft of the elephant taking pictures. It was all fun and exciting until the elephant moved and took a step towards us and I ran. Colleen was the calm one until I ran, but the elephant was more scared of us and walked away from us. I will never get over being within 10 ft of an elephant in the wild! J

All the drivers on our safari were great. They were each full of so much information to share with all of us. Each driver was fun and unique. We had Maluta, Joseph, and Abdull as our drivers. The one thing I found interesting to learn from them was about the Masaii. As we drove along the route we passed multiple Masaii villages. The Masaii live off the land by raising cattle and growing their own food. If they are unable to produce their own cattle, then most will go hungry. Thus, we passed many Masaii children running for our safari vans to get food from us. Each day we were given so much food in our lunches that we gave away the food we didn’t eat. It was so hard to see the kids wanting our food and us not having enough for all the children. We passed so many Masaii villages in which we couldn’t help. However, we are not able to help every child in the world with hunger. It is essential for us to accept their way of life and culture and for many years they were able to live off the land. However, it has become harder for them to live off the land and find food because of people moving in on their lands and ways of life. So, it is good we are trying to help them by offering food, but we can find other ways to make them more independent in obtaining food rather than us making them dependent on our food. The group is going to be spending a night in one of the Masaii villages in a couple weekends. We are ready to be immersed in their way of life and understand more about how they live day to day.


~ by Courtney Kay on May 8, 2012.

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  1. That is incredible to hear about the elephant. It is great to hear that you are opening up to some adventure! Watch out, my friend Annie who just go back from her Teacher Assisting in South Africa showed me a video of her getting charged by an elephant while she was in a Jeep. AFRICA! Have fun Courtney 🙂

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