Pole Pole… in Tanzanian

Even right after the point of landing I though to myself that I have just entered a new world. From the airport to the outpost all I thought about was how my surrounding were so different from home. I spend all my time taking everything in and comparing to what I knew. I wasn’t until after our walk to the market that I realized my way of perception was wrong.

The market was a whole different world. I smelt, saw, and experienced things that I never thought in a million years I would. The first Tanzanian I met in the town was named Abraham. After talking with him for a little I realized no matter the distance and the culture difference people are people. After that realization hakuna matata became my actual moto… thank you pumba.

The first day of school was a perfect test to my new moto. Schools in Tanzania are very different from American. When walking into my old high school you are greeted by cold hall monitors that act as if you are coming in to steal a student. In tanzania we were greeted by a big JAMBO and a smile. The pase of the school is so different from what I am use to, the school was more so a family! You never heard a staff member say anything bad about another nor did they hesitate to say hello to the new comer. Within two days I have already feel in love with the school and the people within it.

Who knows if my love for tanzania is here to stay, for it is only my first week but I think it’s fair to say that this experience has gone above and beyond my expectations.

~ by samanthawint on May 3, 2012.

2 Responses to “Pole Pole… in Tanzanian”

  1. “hakuna matata” haha. Very true Sam! What school are you at? I remember similar experiences of recognizing such drastic differences in culture, yet acknowledging the immense consistency with human interactions. I am sure you will make some great friends!

    • Thanks! I’m at Sekie and it’s amazing the children are awesome and there is no part that makes me want to leave!

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