My thoughts on my first day!

First I was very happy to have a hot shower. That was one thing I was nervous for. The breakfast food was good and the coffee was amazing!  The food at blue heron was really good! The food portions were huge! Being in Africa I have to remember that food here is scarce so I felt very inclined to eat everything on my plate. I also need to get in the habit of taking only the food I am going to eat.  Walking into town was awesome. All the people, clothes, buses, buildings were so interesting. It wasn’t as impoverished as I had thought before coming here, but you can definitely see they struggle. Throughout the walking we were constantly asked to buy things from Tanzania men such as paintings, home made bracelets, and clothes. We started off by nicely saying hapana sante and smiling. The people did not care if you said no and they followed us around the entire day. Sometimes I felt bombarded and a little nervous. Since we had such a large group and the market was full with Tanzanians it was stressful to try and stay together to make sure none of us got taken advantage of or robbed. By the end of time in the city we were saying (sitaki kuna nua). The market had many beautiful fruits and vegetables. The avocados were huge! I wish America had fresh food like that all the time. When the people were asking for money it was hard. Sometimes they say things like “please help me out” or “I need your support, I’m your friend”, and it was so hard to say no with hundreds of dollars in your pocket. Even though they were over bearing, the people here are so sweet and nice. They LOVE to share information about their culture and language. When they weren’t trying to get money from me they walked and taught me so many things about their country and lots of new words. So many things were going on around us all the time and it was slightly difficult to just enjoy the town. We had to constantly watch out for cars (crazy drivers!), say no to sellers, exchange our money, watch for holes in the street, bargain sells, and stay together. After taking a minute to breath I realized being over whelmed will only take away from my experience and what I see.

~ by nickistravels on May 3, 2012.

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