First Impressions

Yesterday was my first day at Assumption School, which is a Catholic school about 20 minutes away from our Outpost. As soon as we arrived, we found out that the students did not have school due to the May Day holiday. I guess that just teaches you something about Tanzania, you never know what to expect. Hakuna Matata. Instead of teaching, we had the opportunity to learn more about the school and get a tour. We saw the restrooms of the school, all of the different classrooms, and the library. This was a huge reality check showing us that we were no longer in the U.S.! There were no posters on the walls, no toilets, very few books, and hardly any school supplies. After the tour, one of the teachers, Isaac, showed us the parish that the students visit every last Friday of the month. We had the privilege of meeting the priest and the deacon of the church, who invited us into their home for tea. Just another example of Tanzanians going out of their way to make us feel welcome!  After tea, we went back to the school to hang out with some of the students who were there playing Net Ball (a game similar to Basketball) and soccer. All of the kids were so happy to see us at their school and they loved all of the stickers that we kept handing out. Even kids who lived in the town would poke their heads into the school’s gate to get their hands on some stickers. After we left the school we went into a little market place to try some of the famous dish, Ugali. I got the chance to stir a pot of Ugali and the ladies in the market were all dying laughing at my lack of expertise. Once I had completely humiliated myself, we went of to a small cafe to eat the dish. It was not as bad as I expected, but I could definitely not eat it every day like most of the people in the town. The food here in Tanzania is so different from that of the United States. It is all very organic and  is much healthier than what I am used to. Overall, Tanzania is so different from the U.S., but I love learning more about the country and the people!

-Chelsea I.

~ by Chelsea on May 3, 2012.

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