First Impressions: Assumption primary school

We had a great first two days at our school here in Tanzania. The school is called Assumption and it is a Catholic private school that hosts children from as early as 3 years old until the 7th grade. When we first arrived, the students were gathering in the front yard in their sport clothes because they were about to begin their football and net ball practices. We didn’t realize that the students would be off of school for the day because May Day was the day before. They had a week off for the holiday. As we waited for any sign of a teacher to arrive, we talked with the students and introduced ourselves. The students were incredibly sweet and curious about where we came from and who we were. A couple hours later, one of the teachers arrived at the school and welcomed us to the school, giving us a very detailed tour of everything. He was so kind and helpful in answering all of our questions. Even though we had heard about the classrooms and even seen pictures of what they would look like, it was still just at shocking to walk into the room in person and feel how small it was and see how bare the walls were. There is no desk for the teacher, only a chalkboard and rows of desks for the students. I am excited to bring my materials with me when I begin teaching to help aid my lessons. There are over 200 children at the school and only one classroom for each grade. I can only imagine how crowded and hot it will be in that room on the first day. I immediately think of the schools in the U.S. that don;t have air-conditioners and school will get called off on days that it is too hot. For the students here, that is their everyday life and a normal part of their day. On the second day (today) all of the teachers were at the school to begin planning their lessons for the next week when the students return from holiday break. The teachers were very welcoming and happy to have us helping them with their lessons. We were each assigned a teacher to work with based on our requests of grade levels and we were able to discuss planning and ask any questions we had. I was so impressed with the teachers and the students and it was so exciting to see how happy they were to have us there. I can’t wait to learn from them as well as teach.

Lauren C.

~ by laurencrutchfield on May 3, 2012.

2 Responses to “First Impressions: Assumption primary school”

  1. Lauren, I was able to be placed at Assumption last year. I am curious as to which teacher you were assigned to. I had Teacher Simon. Is he still there?

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