First Impressions

I love everything about Tanzania. My first impression is that everything is new and exciting. I want to connect with the locals, learn the language, and see all the sites. I was so excited for our drive from the airport to the Out Post. Many students were stressed about the driving, but I wasn’t. It was all part of the experience! The next day we met with Juma and Donny and walked to the Blue Heron. It was our first time seeing the city during the day. There was something going on in every direction. Again, this overwhelmed other students, but it was exciting for me. I loved greeting everyone in Swahili. Juma helped me a lot with the language. In terms of school, my students have been on holiday, so I haven’t seen students in the classroom yet. The head academic teacher took us around and showed us the classrooms. The school is great, I am so excited to be there on Tuesday.Everyone seems excited to have us in the school, and I am looking forward to learning from my teacher and sharing with her what I have learned in my methods courses. I will be working in class 3,4, and 5 with Teacher Regina. She held my hand and showed me each classroom. She was one of the first women that was friendly towards me. It was nice to feel so welcomed. So far, I am just excited to see what is to come and how I will grow from this experience.


~ by kweber394 on May 3, 2012.

One Response to “First Impressions”

  1. Kathleen – It’s great to see your excitement and your eagerness to accept the experiences you encounter.

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