First Day of School

Juma dropped us off at Sekei for the first day of school yesterday.  The first day was interesting – not really what we had expected at first considering that they acted like they didn’t know we were coming.  It was hard trying to communicate with the headmaster at first… I don’t think they understood exactly what we were trying to do, but we realized we just had to go with the flow as they say “hakuna matata” and everything turned out fine.  It was actually really fun just hanging out and letting them talk to us.  Everyone was so welcoming, and we had more and more fun as the day went on.  Trying to learn everyone’s names is really hard because they are names we have never heard before.  I feel like I hear their names, repeat them, and forget them almost right away.  We spent a lot of time in the teacher’s lounge area (not sure what they call it).  We had tea time around 10am ish.  Nina penda chai yamaziwa!  “I like chai tea”  It’s fun learning Swahili from the teachers – and Shayo tells us we will be fluent in the next week or two.  Not sure if I believe him haha, but I hope so!  One of the first things one of the teachers asked me when I walked in the lounge was “How are you going to punish the children?” which was a little unexpected.  They didn’t seem to understand when I told them I wasn’t going to hit the kids with a stick.  They even had a stick in the room and were telling me about hitting the kids.  Luckily, so far, we haven’t seen any “punishment” happen.     On that note, meeting all of the kids was SO much fun!  They are so cute and so well behaved.  When you walk in, they all stand up and greet you.  They all seemed really excited when I came in and especially when I wrote my name on the board.  I can’t wait to actually teach them!  Today we got to go into a Form 1 class and just hang out with the kids and play with them.  Sam, Colleen, and I each took a small group of the class and hungout with them.  After a few minutes, I realized my group had no idea what I was saying to them, so we danced and sang songs with them.  It was so much fun and they taught me a fun hand clap but with feet.  Anyway, it was a great two days and I am sad we aren’t going to school tomorrow – but then again… we are going to the Serengeti!!

~ by sthomas08 on May 3, 2012.

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