I am looking fo…

I am looking forward to . . . 

There are so many things that I am looking forward to while studying in Tanzania!  Traveling to a country in Africa has always been a dream of mine and I cannot believe that it is actually going to happen.  Although this is also one of my worries, I am intrigued  by the food there.  So far the only Tanzania cuisine that I have heard of is Uguali.  Although this is a little worrisome, I am also curious about trying the food there.  Secondly, I am unbelievably excited to teach in the schools.  I taught in Italy last summer and fell in love with every single one of my students, this has also been the case with every American classroom that I have taught in.  I am expecting the schools to be very different from other schools that I have taught in before but that just makes this adventure that much more exciting!  We will also be volunteering at an orphanage three times during our months stay.  Although I am expecting  this so be a saddening experience, I am also looking forward to playing with these children and donating toys/school supplies to them.  The excitement that I am going to talk about (because I could talk forever), is going on the safari.  I am unbelievably excited for this part of our trip.  I never thought in my wildest dreams I would go on one safari, let alone two or three.  I have always been interested in wildlife and animal habitats, the discovery channel shows about animals are always my favorite to watch.  I never thought I would be able to see these animals that I’ve seen only in zoos and on the tv, in their natural habitat with me right there!  I hope to see an elephant, for those that don’t know that is my favorite animal.  It is less common to see them on safaris but it occasionally happens so keep your fingers crossed! 🙂 

I hope to learn . . . 

There is an incredible amount of things that I want to learn during my stay in Tanzania.  I hope to learn some Swahili, this is a language that is completely and utterly unfamiliar to me.  I have attempted to study before our departure but have found myself giving up quickly every time (Its so hard!).  I hoping that while in Tanzania learning the language will be a necessity and that this will motivate me to study and learn it.  I also hope to learn how to teach diverse students, as well as students that do not speak English.  I have considered getting a masters in ESL and I think this experience will really help me to learn more about teaching students that so not speak English fluently.  These experiences will also allow me to gain the knowledge I need to provide my future students with differentiated and authentic instruction.  Lastly, I hope to learn a little more about African culture, Tanzania specifically.  Other than reading and internet research I really do not know much about Africa, and the culture there.  I hope to learn first hand and accurately what it is truly like to live in Africa.   

Morgan Steele

~ by wheresmorgalorg on April 28, 2012.

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