Anxiously awaiting for the time to come!

We’re only a few days away from departure, and there’s still so much to do before leaving. Most people are finishing up or are completely done with projects and finals, but mine are only just beginning. I’m about half-way finished, but I am trying to balance out these final projects, etc with packing and preparing for the trip. I’m so excited to go that I can hardly even focus on school right now!!!

Putting school stresses aside, I am looking forward to so many things about this trip. Firstly, I am looking forward to the trip as a whole. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved Africa and wanted to have a chance to visit there, so this trip is like a dream come true for me. I have always thought about going to do some kind of mission-work there for a year or so after college graduation, so this trip is a way for me to get a taste of Africa and see if that could be a possibility for my future. I am also looking forward to meeting my students in Africa. I love children, hence the reason I am going into elementary education, and I love learning about other cultures. I am excited to hear their stories about hardships, happiness, and whatever else they are willing to share with me. I am absolutely certain that they have amazing stories to tell, and I would love to hear their voices. I am also looking forward to the safari trips. Part of my love for Africa comes from my love for giraffes and zebras, and I am so excited to see them in their natural habitat, instead of just at the zoo. All of these things are awesome things about the trip that i am looking forward to, but mostly I am just looking forward to learning about the cultures of Africa as a whole and experience a whole new world there. Everything is going to be so different and I am really looking forward to looking at the world through a different lens, rather than only seeing it from the U.S. point of view.

While in Africa, I hope to learn about the school systems, and how they are run. I did some research on it previous to this trip for a class I took this last semester, and I am really interested in learning more. I also want to learn about the culture and their beliefs and practices. I want to learn Swahili, since that is a requirement for this trip and something I think would be awesome to know, and I want to learn how to teach English to speakers of a second language. As a English major rather than Mathematics major, I hope to focus more on teaching ESL while I’m there, since this is something I am going to have to do as a English  teacher in my future. I want to learn good practices for doing this that work in all different settings, whether I’m in a urban school in the U.S. or in a school in Africa.

Overall, I am expecting to learn so much from this trip, and I know that it’s going to be an experience of a lifetime!


-Kendra B

~ by batyk on April 26, 2012.

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