Starting to feel real!

Now that I am finishing up with semester projects and finals, our trip is starting to become reality real fast. There are so many things I am looking forward to and want to learn!!

First and foremost I look forward to getting there and having the realization that I am all the way in Africa. I look forward to the beautiful scenery, the warm weather, and seeing all the people of Tanzania. I am so excited to see where we will be staying and getting familiar to the town. I am very nervous and excited to get assimilated into their culture and be a part of a different world for a month. I think their culture and lifestyle is very interesting and I feel so lucky that I will have the opportunity to be a part of that. I most definielty am looking forward to teaching the most. I can’t wait to use everything I have learned in my Elementary courses and be able to use my skills, lessons, and techniques directly in a classroom. Since I am placed in a Muslim school I am very excited to learn about their religion and traditions and how that incorporates into their schooling. Now that we can bring two bags to Tanzania I am even more excited to present the children with all the materials we have all brought for them to have. It is going to be a humbling experience to see their appreciation and excitement for the little things we are bringing.

I want to learn everything and anything I can possibly fit into my brain about Tanzania, the people, and their culture. Im excited to learn Swahili and can’t wait to meet the Swahili professor to help me with my Swahili. I think it will be amazing once I can have a full conversation with someone in Swahili and be able to show my appreciation and respect for their culture. I think it will also be great when I can have conversations with my students during recess as well. I am also very excited to learn how to teach with a flexible schedule and limited supplies. Schools in the United States are very structured and I am looking forward to learning how to relax, focus on the children, and not have a rushed day. I know it will take some time and practice throughout most of the trip, but I am ready to learn how to teach a class with limited supplies. I am going to have to come up with many different lessons and not have the materials that I am used to. I hope to learn how to incorporate any materials I can find into lessons and make them worthwhile for my students. This will make me a better teacher when I come back to the United States.

Aaahh, writing about it makes me even more excited!! I can’t wait to meet everybody and begin out trip! 4 more days ladies!! =)

Nicki Yamada (NY)

~ by nickistravels on April 25, 2012.

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