5 Days!!!!!!!!

Now that the homework is almost done…it’s time to really think about the exciting adventure about to start. So here are my thoughts on the following two questions: What am I looking forward to? and What do I hope to learn?

Big Picture Thoughts: Going into a new country with different customs, food, lifestyles and cultures is overwhelming. Well folks, I love that overwhelming feeling. It is what I look forward to the most. That sense of overstimulation is an indication of how much there is to learn. That leads me into my next question: What do I hope to learn? Everything. While enveloped in a new culture, almost every aspect of your day is an opportunity to learn. I hope to embrace these situations and become knowledgable of the lifestyle and culture of Tanzania.

Smaller Scale Thoughts: Specifically, I’m looking forward to many things: the food, the beautiful landscape, warm weather, new friends and my students. This will be my first classroom and I cannot wait to meet my students and jump into our lessons. Even more than teaching the students, I’m looking forward to them teaching me. I have so much to learn about their lives, families and dreams. They will help me learn who I am as a teacher (hopefully good things, but we’ll see). Not many college students have the opportunity to further their education by teaching abroad. I plan to make the most of this experience and develop as an individual and teacher.

~ by kellyheins on April 25, 2012.

4 Responses to “5 Days!!!!!!!!”

  1. Amazing first entry! I am so excited to follow your adventures and first teaching experiences. You are going to be an amazing teacher and your students are blessed to have you! Be safe and know that I love you! Mom

  2. Kelly,
    Great blogpost entry. I look forward to following you in your adventures in learning:)

  3. Kelly, can’t wait to hear all about your experiences! We are looking forward to it and we are so glad that you have this opportunity. Take care. Neal and Kathy

  4. Kelly, I know you are getting excited about your new adventure. I’m sure it will be a great teaching experience. We’re looking forward to following your blog. Take care of yourself. Paul and Lois

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