Tanzania 2012

It is hard for me to say one thing I am looking forward to. I look forward to the entire trip as a whole experiencing a new culture and learning about another part of the world. The weekend trips to the safari and villages are going to leave vivid memories and pictures we are never going to forget. I am going to be able to see several new animals plus animals we have seen at zoos, but I can only imagine it is a different experience viewing animals in their own habitats. The week days in the school are going to open my eyes to the differences in education among the world. I hear these kids are eager to learn and I look forward to teaching and learning about each student. Lastly, I have never been to an orphanage even in the United States, so I am really looking forward to visiting the orphanage in Tanzania. I love kids because they are so full of life and I only envision these kids being so grateful for everything and just looking for love. I am excited to be able to go visit and hang out with them.

I hope to learn the importance of living a simple and grateful life. People can tell you how we take things for granted and how they appreciate things more over in Africa more than we do here. They find their happiness through simple things and just being around family and friends. We try to buy our happiness here with things, yet we still aren’t happy. This seems as I already have learned this idea, but I still feel I don’t fully understand or live it out day to day. I hope to really see how they live so simply and are so grateful for water, electricity, etc. My hopes are to come home and live more simply and not take the common things for granted. It is so easy to take having water, food, and a big comfy bed. I want to appreciate life more through my time in Tanzania.


~ by Courtney Kay on April 23, 2012.

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